Business Partners

Our supporters

Principal Partners

Ongoing partners who provide significant financial and in-kind support that help keep our doors open, our team on the job and our programs running that help young guys in Canberra.

Menslink‚Äôs mentoring and counselling programs are an ACT Government funded initiative. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Community Services Directorate, who provide us with our primary funding to provide our valuable services to the community free of charge.

Major Partners

Multiple year partners who provide important financial and in-kind support that support our team and programs that help young guys in Canberra. Our major partners provide substantial contributions to Menslink to help us fund our major counselling, mentoring and Silence is Deadly programs.

Our major partners combine with our principal partners and our supporting partners to provide much needed funding, support and services for Menslink programs.

Supporting Partners

Partners who provide varying levels of financial and in-kind support that support our programs that help young guys in Canberra.

The work we do can only happen through strong relationships with supportive partners. These partners not only provide direct financial or service support to Menslink, but they also assist in building awareness in the community about the work we do. This not only helps us attract volunteer mentors, but may also let somebody in need find out about us.