Major Partner

ALLBIDS is so proud to support Menslink with fundraising and raising awareness of their vital community programs and services.

We assist with fundraising for Menslink running live and silent auctions online at events as well as using our online auction platform to auction other donated items at any time during the year. Our online auction platform provides Menslink with the opportunity to showcase its wonderful services and programs on each and every item being auctioned so that our extensive database of bidders can see where the proceeds raised go to on the charity items they are bidding for. We also provide the opportunity to acknowledge each sponsor who donates an item by including their details, logo and links to their websites against the item they donated.

Whilst we support several charity and community organisations and we are approached for support on a regular basis, Menslink has become our major charity partner for several reasons.

  • We can immediately see the effect the funds raised has on our community
  • Menslink are a transparent organisation and its so clear the funds do not get tied up in administrative costs
  • Funds are directed to programs that make a big difference to not only young men in Canberra but also to their families
  • We clearly see Menslink’s mentoring programs changing the lives of families
  • Menslink’s school visits and programs to reach these young men in need, actually result in counselling when they need it most
  • We see clearly the work that Menslink do in promoting the message through clubs, businesses and organisations and I see it done with a minimum of fuss and staff

In short, Menslink use funds raised in such an efficient and committed manner to touch so many lives that its was clear to us that this is an organisation we want to support in the long term.