Youth Mentoring

Support for young blokes seeking friendship and guidance

How it works

Menslink’s Mentoring Program pairs men who have survived their adolescence with young blokes aged 10-16 who are still on their way there.

Volunteer male mentors, from all walks of life, share their wisdom and life experience with young men needing a constructive influence in their lives who benefit from the support and friendship a mentor provides.

Menslink mentors are not parent-figures or counsellors. They are friends and guides: someone a young man can call upon, outside of his family and friends who will listen and offer his own experiences without judgement.

Volunteers and mentors meet in a relaxed group session, where all participants can get to know each other and a young bloke can choose a mentor he feels most comfortable with.

The two then meet regularly, on an ongoing basis, and form a friendship. Menslink also organises and pays for (non-compulsory) monthly activities or events – such as kayaking, surfing, gallery tours, movies, rock climbing and camping. These activities are great for everyone because they provide a fun, safe opportunity for the mentor and mentee to get to know each other, and make friends with others in the program.

Our goal

Menslink youth mentoring aims to help young men:

  • Build resilience and confidence
  • Instil a sense of belonging
  • Enhance their positive potential in all aspects of life

We're not here to replace dads, uncles or male friends.

We are here to provide an extra layer of support that a young man can lean on in times of need. Support in the form of a trusted advisor, and positive friend and role model, who can listen and share advice by drawing on his own life experience.

Your commitment

A positive mentoring relationship requires trust and commitment, so it’s important that volunteers and young men take the time to think about whether it’s right for them. Lots of young blokes and mentors have found it to be very positive and rewarding – but you only get out of it what you put into it.

Before you decide, give us a call on 02 6287 2226 and have a chat. We’ll walk you through it, and if you’re keen we’d be happy to have you on board.

All services at Menslink are provided at no cost to the young men or their families.

There are no fees or charges. They’re completely confidential and mentoring is available to any young man, aged 10-18.

If you're interested in getting a mentor for yourself, find out more and apply online here. If you're interested in becoming a Menslink mentor, you can apply here.

Get some tips to help

Have a chat to a counselor and get a different perspective about what's going on, plus some tips on how to get through it.

Counsellor? Psychologist?

Menslink provides counselling for young guys. What is the difference between a Counsellor and a Psychologist.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Have a look through some of the stories of what young blokes have gone through and how Menslink has been able to stand by them in it.

Contact Menslink

Want some more information, or to talk with a person? Get in touch: drop by the office, give us a call or send us a message.

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