Southern Plumbing Plus

Principal Partner

Southern Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd is the largest independent supplier of plumbing, bathroom, kitchen and laundry products in the ACT, southern NSW, the Riverina and north east Victoria. It’s a privately owned, family company that’s been operating for 40 years.

Why do we support Menslink? Because we work in an industry where we come into daily contact with a large number of young men, as plumbing and other apprentices in the building industry. We’ve also employed hundreds of young men over the years, many of whom had no idea where they were heading when they left school. They simply had “fallen through the cracks”. They couldn’t make it to university. They didn’t want to be tradespeople. Most of them hadn’t made it to the final year of high school. And some came from troubled backgrounds. We’ve lost two ex-staff members to suicide in the last twenty years, and the loss deeply impacted our staff and organisation. We’re confident that had Menslink been operating then, and had contact with those two people at a time when they were floundering, then they would be enjoying very productive lives today.

Quite often, all young people need is inspiration and to be shown the right path in life. They may have endured patterns of behaviour in the home which are abnormal. They may have underlying mental and social problems.

Menslink is the diversion on the road. It points young men in the right direction, away from abuse, insecurity and depression. We think what Menslink do is truly wonderful and we fully support the services they provide.