Become a Business Partner

Make a valuable contribution to your community

Menslink business partners provide a valuable contribution to the work we do and our ongoing viability as a charity. We would not be able to help our next generation of young men without the support of our business partners.

Menslink business partners range from small micro-businesses through to large multinationals, sporting clubs, semi-government organisations and associations. We all benefit from our mutual association.

What do business partners do for Menslink?

Our partners support us in a range of valuable ways.

Major supporters make an annual contribution to our running costs, and we work closely with them on joint promotional and other activities to help us achieve our mission of supporting young men.

Other business partners support us by:

  • Buying a table at our annual Business Breakfast
  • Contributing a percentage of their profits
  • Donating their time or services to us pro bono or at a discounted rate (which gives us access to quality services we otherwise couldn’t afford)

All of our partners get involved publicly. Menslink is a tiny organisation with only five staff. Leveraging the public profile and assistance of our partners is crucial to our ability to reach out to young men in need and recruit suitable volunteer mentors to help.

Benefits of becoming a business partner

With so many worthy causes around, it’s fair to ask “Why support Menslink?”

To answer this question, read Who We Are. This will help you determine whether Menslink is a cause you would like to support.

Besides the benefits to young men in our community, your organisation also benefits through:

  • Community support: The young men that we help (and their families) may be your customers, employees, influencers or even future employees. You’re helping to build and support the local community that you serve and are part of.
  • Staff engagement: Engage your staff in a local cause they can be part of and feel proud to support. From public servants to white collar or blue collar workers, staff admire organisations that actively make a difference to the community they live in: reducing crime, alleviating mental health issues, keeping kids at school longer and providing positive role models for young men as they grow up.
  • Promotion: Menslink does all we can to support those who support us. This often means promoting our partners through our own publicity efforts, joint promotions and website.

“If charity begins at home, I can see few more deserving causes to support within the Canberra community. I’m really pleased that our sponsorship can make some small difference and I’m happy to continue it…”

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Menslink as a business partner.

Please contact our CEO to discuss an arrangement that works for both of us:

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