Menslink in Organisations

Driving community awareness

Menslink visits organisations in the ACT and surrounding regions to talk about:

  • young men’s issues
  • men’s mental health
  • mental fitness
  • suicide prevention
  • volunteering
  • the work Menslink does in the community

We have presented to government agencies, businesses, church groups, sports clubs, and Rotary and Lions Clubs, with audiences ranging from 4-1000 people. One organisation (a financial planning service) even called us in to talk to their clients about the benefits of volunteering in retirement.

These talks have been really well received by managers of young men, parents, colleagues and those keen to make a difference in their community.

“Defence Community Organisation Canberra has had Martin and Ben from Menslink make presentations on an annual basis for the past two years and we will continue with this very successful arrangement into the future.” 

Susan Moran, Defence Community Organisation, Canberra.

“Hi Martin: I just want to put on the record how illuminating I found your speech at the Prime Minister’s reception at the Lodge. I have since, with attribution, used part of your material at two community events associated with youth suicide and based on the feedback that I received I know it has both informed and encouraged them. Keep up the good work.” 

Barrie Cassidy, ABC Insiders Program.


From staff at the immigration department:

“It was great to know that there is someone out there who cares and can help.”

“My son has suffered depression for years and while he is now on medication and sees a counsellor regularly this could help him more in a more personal way.”

“The presentation was excellent and very informative. It really opened my eyes.”

“I went to the talk and really want to volunteer. Thanks.”

It’s free to get Menslink to speak in your organisation, although donations are very gratefully received.

To learn more, please contact us.

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