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Young guys can make poor choices that impact both themselves and those around them – students and teachers alike. Risk-taking, violence, anti-social behaviour, unhealthy online usage, relationships and misogynistic attitudes to women as well as isolation and withdrawal can all cause short and long term damage.

Traditional concepts of masculinity that encourage stoicism, self-reliance, dominance and strength aren’t useful for young guys as they try to navigate their feelings around who they are and who they want to be. Unhealthy male role-models (especially online) can compound these difficulties further, leading to poor mental health outcomes for both the young guys and their classmates.

Young guys need advice they can trust and access to support; they need to hear the messages often! Menslink programs are delivered by authentic non-judgemental male role models who provide a safe space for your male students to learn and discuss issues that matter to them, delivered in a way they can relate to, with a whole of person approach.

Our programs are free of charge, delivered at times to suit you and your students, and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements (age, topic, style and presenter).

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All modules are designed with content and stories, targeted for each age group, ensuring relatability and maximum impact. If your young guys feel they are familiar with Menslink we still recommend persisting with new/repeat presentations, as each guy is likely to take something important away from a session depending on what he is specifically tackling in his life at the time.

Silence is deadly

Our foundation course smashes the stereotype that men can’t talk about their
problems. The session promotes a positive help-seeking mindset in the young guys
and provides advice on how they can help a friend who may be struggling.

1 hour session – recommended annually for either classes or year levels.


PRIDE enhances participants’ social and emotional learning by challenging their
view of the world and how they fit into it. PRIDE is delivered over 8 sessions to
small groups allowing for deeper conversations and greater sharing.

8 x 1 hour modules that fit your timetable, 8-12 students in high school, or
whole classes in primary school (young guys).

PRIDE has 5 core modules and the final 3 are electives.


design your own program

Tight timetables or specific needs? You can choose individual modules from the
list, schedule them all or just the key ones to address the needs of the young
guys in your school. Find or make space in your timetable to invest in your
young guys then call or email us to finalise modules.

14 different modules (1 hour each) delivered to groups from 8 to 100+ students.


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