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Young guys need advice they can trust and access to support. Menslink school programs are delivered by experienced, authentic, non-judgemental men who provide a safe space for young guys to learn and discuss issues that matter to them.

Our programs are free of charge, delivered at times to suit schools, and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

And our programs work! Read our latest Impact Survey results here.

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Silence is deadly

Our flagship program, Silence is Deadly, smashes the stereotype that men can’t talk about their problems. The session promotes a positive help-seeking mindset in the young guys and provides advice on how they can help a friend who may be struggling.

1 hour interactive presentation for young guys in years 5-12.


Menslink Unplugged presents an opportunity for our young guys to shift from unconscious consumption of technology and media into conscious decision making around their use of technology and how it intersects with their daily lives. In a world that is supposed to be more connected than ever, we are seeing an epidemic of isolation and loneliness.

1 hour interactive presentation for young guys in years 5-12.


Guiding young fellas on their journey to manhood with Trust, Resilience, Independence, Bravery and Empathy. TRIBE is an experiential 8 week program for students (max 12 participants), identified as having influence as leaders within peer groups in the school community. Upon graduation, we aim for these young men to be inspired and motivated to share their learnings with peers and younger year levels. Thereby building a school TRIBE that is more inclusive, supportive and accountable.

Experiential 8 week program – 1 hour sessions each week for young guys in years 5-12. Group size of 8-12. All participants must be from the same year group. For Primary Schools, TRIBE is available to Year 6 students in terms 1-3, and Year 5 students in Term 4.


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