Menslink in Schools

Encouraging young men to seek help and support their mates

Menslink visits schools across Canberra, Queanbeyan and Yass and talks to young guys of all ages about the hassles of life.

The two education programs (SID and PRIDE) have been developed by Menslink to provide valuable resources for schools to engage with young guys - for one session, or through twelve sessions.


Silence Is Deadly

The Silence is Deadly campaign was started in 2013, and reaches over 8000 students in 30-40 schools every year.

Results from the campaign have been impressive, with schools reporting an initial 133% increase in male students seeking help for themselves or a friend in need. In 2015, schools reported an additional 43% increase, showing the important cumulative effect the campaign has achieved.

PRIDE Education Program

PRIDE (Possibilities, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Effort) is an education program that challenges young guys to think about the man they want to be and the values they want to be known for.

The program develops their self-awareness and exposes them to valuable life skills to help them identify and cultivate constructive personal behaviours while eliminating destructive ones.

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