Menslink Values and Goals

Guiding our strategic direction and the work we do every day

Defined in our constitution, the following values and goals guide our strategic direction and the work we do with young men each day…

Our values are:

  • A quality client service focus that reflects flexibility, social justice, reliability, consistency and professionalism
  • Human interactions based on respect, empathy, honesty, co-operation, trust, confidentiality, equity and concern for men and young men at risk
  • Innovation and a balance between growth and stability
  • Commitment to continuous improvement through consultation and the application of democratic processes

Our goals are:

  • To enhance the value of young men through representation and advocacy
  • To provide positive experiences, opportunities and relationships that support young men, their families and the broader community
  • To encourage sustainable relationships in a safe environment of opportunity, informed choice and open communication
  • To build community links through partnerships, networking and active involvement
  • To promote positive masculine culture by taking a leadership role in promoting responsible attitudes and encouraging the recognition of positive achievements by men
  • To provide a range of professional services, including counselling, to the community to help promote the value, wellbeing and social participation of young men in the ACT and in other areas of Australia
  • To help facilitate community education, research and identification of gaps in services, on issues relating to the wellbeing of men and their social participation in the ACT community and beyond

Menslink’s philosophy is underpinned by a strengths-based approach to working with young men. This means that rather than focus on “what’s wrong”, we identify their positive resources and abilities and help them leverage these in areas that aren’t working so well.

The Rules of Menslink (our constitution) is available to any member or prospective member. Contact us for more information.

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