Capital Chemist

Principal Partner

As one of Canberra’s leading healthcare providers, Capital Chemist recognises the importance of a healthy community; not only physically, but in the areas of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, from the educational, crime and mental health statistics, it seems that young men need a bit of extra support – and the mentoring and counselling that Menslink provides seems to fit the bill in many cases. We also recognise that Menslink is not just about supporting young men at risk – in fact, there are very often very worried mums trying to care for these young men. they need our support too!

Menslink has a great track record of achieving results – a fact recognised by their support in the sporting community and even by the Prime Minister’s partner when he chose Menslink to be the charity partner for the PM’s XI cricket game in 2013.

Capital Chemist is proud to assist Menslink in their work supporting our young men and their families across the Canberra region.