We know that increasing young men’s resilience improves their overall wellbeing and their ability to grow and get through the tougher times in life. We also know that it improves relationships - with their family, with their partner, and with their classmates or work colleagues.

We know that the work we do in helping young guys then has a ripple effect on the community; it contributes to reducing crime, family violence, anti-social behaviour, isolation - even suicide. It has never been more important to increase the resilience of our young people than it is in 2020.

Every six months we survey teachers, principals, parents, and young guys (over 18) on the impact our programs have had on everyone involved, whether directly or indirectly.

This report shows that that’s what we’re delivering on, time and time again.

We assess impacts on a five-point scale from very negative to very positive across sixteen personal and social impact areas, as well as asking them about their general satisfaction with the program and whether they would recommend it to others.

Where respondents have included qualitative feedback or general comments, we have included that as well.
This report includes highlights of the responses, as well as the summarised data tables further down.
We will continue to publish this report on a six-monthly basis.

Martin Fisk

University of Canberra study identifies significant long term benefits from Menslink support services

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Canberra’s Centre for Applied Psychology has found significant long term benefits arising from young men’s engagement with Menslink’s free counselling and mentoring services.

The study showed that not only did young men’s lives and relationships improve while they received support from Menslink, they continued to improve in the years afterwards, highlighting the benefits of early intervention in areas such as mental health and family violence.

This study shows long lasting benefits over many years from a very modest investment in young men’s lives, given Menslink’s average cost to support a young man through troubled times is only $1,200.

To see this article in full, click here.

Each year we undertake an impact survey of our programs including Mentoring, Counselling, P.R.I.D.E. and Silence is Deadly.  This survey, developed in conjunction with the University of Canberra, helps us to show the community, our supporters, the government and most importantly, the next young guys and mums we meet, that what we do works.

Download the report, read our latest results below, watch the stories from our young guys and get involved any way you can.  What we do works - but only because of you.


Menslink Stories

What we do works.  The proof is in the lives of the young guys that we help to change.  This is their story, we just become an important chapter for them as they are writing it.

Kaleb and Brandon's Story

Each year we get the chance to sit down with some of the guys that have been through our programs and hear their story.  This year we sat down with Kaleb and Brandon, 2 young guys from Canberra who have both been through the Menslink mentoring and counselling programs over the past few years.  They both have very powerful stories of how they turned their lives around and can both point at that ‘moment of change’ where Menslink helped them turn a corner in their lives.

We discovered midway through their interview that they both had the same mentor – years apart – and then we sat back and listened to the stories and laughs they shared when they realised their paths had already crossed without them even knowing it.

Hearing these stories first hand really brings what we do at Menslink to life.  We use the terms “What We Do Works” and ‘Everything is Possible”. These two young men are the living examples of that statement and we’re proud at Menslink to count them as part of our community.

Luke's Story

Everyone has a story. In our Menslink community, the stories include moments that are truly tough for our young guys. There are moments where things go very wrong, small problems turn into big ones and sometimes it looks like there is no way out.

But this doesn't need to be the end, it can just be a beginning to a new story. Hear from Luke and listen to his story and the moment where it all changed for him.

His life story changed when he met his Menslink mentor for the first time (and it didn't go to plan) and he made some choices which meant he started writing a different chapter.

Luke's story is a powerful one worth hearing.

Xavier's Story

Xavier Duffy met Menslink at a time of real need in his life. He'd hit rock bottom, suffered some bad luck and was left to make some really hard choices.  He was in a very dark place.

Menslink counselling helped him out of that dark place. Seven years later, he's kicking goals, runs a successful business employing other young (and old) blokes in Canberra and has never looked back.

Xavier also gives back to Menslink by being a major sponsor of ours and is also always on the lookout for mental health issues in his staff and mates.

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