Mentor Application Form

Mentoring a young bloke can be a walk in the park (literally and metaphorically). It can also be tough, lonely and unrewarding at times. Successful mentors are able to put their own agendas and insecurities aside and plough through regardless – knowing that it isn’t about them.

Menslink have a duty of care to our vulnerable and disadvantaged young men who request our services. We fiercely and unashamedly go to any length necessary to ensure their protection.

A good Menslink Mentor:

  • Can set appropriate boundaries with others
  • Is currently free from significant mental health issues
  • Doesn’t take things personally
  • Has a history of seeing commitments through to the end
  • Is able to approach life situations without judgement
  • Is open minded when it comes to things such as others sexuality, lifestyle choices, religion and politics
  • Is described by their friends as responsible and reliable
  • Is happy to cover incidental costs for mentoring outings (eg. petrol)
  • Can maintain a positive attitude and sense of humour even when things get tough.

After consideration of their own work, family or mental health demands, some mentors have decided to withdraw from the program or been advised to do so after the program had already begun. It is critical that you are personally ready and have good levels of mental fitness and personal resilience before you embark on the 2-year journey.

We realise the form might be intrusive or lengthy. If you would like to discuss this, please call 02 6287 2226.