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What is PRIDE?

PRIDE (Possibilities, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Effort) is an education program that challenges young guys to think about the man they want to be and the values they want to be known for.

The program develops their self-awareness and exposes them to valuable life skills to help them identify and cultivate constructive personal behaviours, while eliminating destructive ones.

PRIDE is delivered by Menslink’s Education Program Coordinator, Michael Aichholzer. Michael is a highly experienced public speaker, leader and facilitator. He is a combat veteran with over 35 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy and brings a wealth of life experience to the sessions he conducts.


How does the program work?

PRIDE is comprised of 12 modules as listed in the table below.

The program is based around five ‘Core’ and seven ‘Elective’ modules. Elective modules can either be determined by the school, or selected by the group based on their interests

PRIDE addresses many of the general capabilities listed under the Personal and Social Capability section of the F-10 Curriculum of the Australian Curriculum.

Core Modules

  • Session 1 – A Values-based life
  • Session 2 – Self Awareness (Part 1)
  • Session 3 – Self Awareness (Part 2)
  • Session 4 – Man Up
  • Session 5 – Girls and other relationships

Elective Modules

  • Session 6 – Positive Coping
  • Session 7 – Dealing with Anger
  • Session 8 – Communication Skills
  • Session 9 – Risky Business
  • Session 10 – Your Digital Tattoo
  • Session 11 – Bullying
  • Session 12 - Body Image

PRIDE is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet individual school requirements.

Modules can also be combined into short course programs to address specific issues a school may be dealing with.


What are the costs?

PRIDE is supported by corporate sponsorships and donations. It is delivered free of charge to participating schools.

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