Case Studies and Testimonials

Young man’s single mum talks about the benefits of mentoring for her son, not just for him but the whole family

Dear Menslink,

My son’s mentor has brought so much into our lives.  My son has become a happier more relaxed and positive person and I see him being much more positive about the future.  His mentor has introduced so many good ideas and values.  Just by being himself and being present as a friend he opened my son’s eyes to lots of good things about life and being a man.  He now has an awareness of the possibilities of the person he can be that he never had before.  The friendship of his mentor has got him through some difficult years where it would have been easy for him to feel very negative.  He’s become a much more wonderful brother to his sisters too.

I feel thankful for my son’s mentor and their friendship every day.  I think his mentor’s personal skill as a mentor was immense and I just wanted you to know that whatever balance he found between giving advice or just leaving things alone, it was perfect.  I  was able to let the mentor know if I was worrying, and I always trusted he would know whether to say anything or not to my son.  Just knowing that his mentor was there, aware and supportive was a tremendous help to me as well as my son.

When the kids are going well we all start to feel a real sense of pride and contentment.  Seeing them grow into happy and well adjusted people is the best thing there is.  The benefits from the mentoring program effects the whole family. We all appreciate one another more, we’re proud of each other and it shows.

So thanks Menslink, for all you’ve done for us