Case Studies and Testimonials

UC High School reflects on the past year with Menslink

Menslink have been working with our school for the past year.  Our relationship commenced last year when we hosted a Silence is Deadly presentation.  I mentioned in passing to Martin at the time that we didn’t have a counsellor and as such it was difficult to provide some of our boys with the support they needed.  Martin contacted me soon after and mentioned that there was an opportunity for our school to access Menslink’s outreach counselling service.  The Menslink counsellor has become a vital cog in our student support team.  He is here for 90 minutes per week, during which time he sees two students.  This service has had a major positive impact on our students and the boys have been able to adopt very successful strategies and coping mechanisms to allow them to tackle their day to day challenges.  They never refuse the opportunity to see the Menslink counsellor.  Word has travelled fast as to how effective the program is and we are regularly approached by new students who wish to be involved, even though we now have a counsellor two days per week.

One of our students has a Menslink mentor outside school.  His anxiety levels and angry outbursts have noticeably reduced since he started working with his mentor last year.  He openly recognises the positive effect that this relationship has had on his other relationships both at home and with his peers and teachers.

Menslink once again presented Silence is Deadly this week.  The presentation was superb.  The boys were highly engaged and interacted with the presenters throughout the sessions.  We have already noticed an increase in boys approaching members of the student services team to support them with issues that they are facing and have been bottling up.

Menslink is highly valued by our school community.  We see them as a vital service in the ACT.  We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that they have on young males in the ACT.