Case Studies and Testimonials

Namadgi School commends Menslink on campaign

Namadgi School were pleased to host the official media launch of Menslink and the Canberra Raiders ‘Silence is Deadly’ campaign.  The campaign is designed to reduce the stigma associated with young men getting help for mental health issues.

The launch was highly successful.  We were in regular contact with Martin Fisk and  Ben Triglone of your organisation to ensure that the event ran smoothly and the media component of the session was coordinated and hassle free.  The agenda included; Marty’s presentation, the informal Q & A session with the Raider’s players, the launch of TV advertisement and media promotion with some of our students.

Marty was able to speak frankly and honestly about the importance of mental health for young men and the need for them to have a support network to reach out to. His personal stories and open approach ensured that the boys were engaged and listening. The informal Q & A session from the Raiders players highlighted the need to look out for mates and not be a bystander if something is going wrong. The deep and thoughtful questions that our students asked the players was evidence that their message ‘hit the mark’ – our students shared honestly about their own personal situations.

Our Pastoral Care Coordinator has seen more young men seeking help for depression and anxiety as well as other life issues as a result of this presentation. He believes this is a direct result from the message that it’s ok to speak out if things are not going well for you or a mate.

We believe that the ongoing media campaign has further heightened our students’ awareness of mental health issues and has resulted in a number of young men approaching our Pastoral Care Coordinator and Youth Support Worker to participate in Menslink programs.

We have also had students involved in the mentoring program organised by Menslink. Many of our young men lack direction due to a break down in their relationship with their father, or through not having a significant adult male in their lives. I have been impressed with the generosity of men to help our students in these circumstances though Menslink. The connections made through Menslink have given young men the contact through mentoring not possible in other programs. Thank you for continuing to bring together positive role models with our most vulnerable students.