Case Studies and Testimonials

Menslink counselling at Gold Creek High School

The Menslink Counselling service delivered to Gold Creek School Senior site is  invaluable.  Many boys  struggle with school in their  teenage years both academically and socially, coping with this is exacerbated for those who are also burdened by a challenging home life.

Depression and risk of self harm is historically high in this age group.  Whilst girls are more likely to self refer to the school counsellor and feel less stigmatised by asking for help, boys invariable have difficulty in this regard.

Having the regular Friday visits to Gold creek by the Menslink counsellor, enables effective planning by  student  services to identify and refer boys in need of professional counselling. Being independent of the school,  is a distinct advantage in relaxing the students and often make it easier for them to speak freely.

Sometimes boys think they don’t have any issues but end up in a long session and surprise themselves,  and with some it takes several visits until they feel ready to sit down and talk, but that’s ok. The patience, compassion and professionalism displayed by the counsellors is something they and Menslink should be justly proud, and something that Gold Creek school is tremendously grateful.

The rapport built with students by Menslink and the subsequent support has seen many positive outcomes this year.  In particular one student had a truly watershed moment in a grieving process that had been unresolved for many years. Albeit a small step it has made a huge difference and this has been heartening for everyone involved.

Menslink’s contribution cannot be understated, not only are they there for the students in need, but also at times find themselves encouraging and supporting staff. They have become an integral member of the Student Services team.