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Single mum talks about Menslink and her son…

One of our Menslink mums wrote to us recently to describe her experience about coming to Menslink and the impact we’ve been able to have with her son and her whole family:

“My son Greg was in a bad way. He had withdrawn into a world of nothing but video games and destructive behaviour. He was vandalizing our home, stealing alcohol and money and being verbally aggressive with me and his younger brothers and sisters.  Most frightening though was that he had started cutting himself.   It was clear to me that he was in a lot of pain and had no positive way of coping with the anger and frustration he felt.

I’d heard about Menslink through friends and called in desperation. The guys were great and it was such a relief to know that there was help and a positive way forward.

It took a lot of persuading for Greg to come to the first appointment. I told him he didn’t need to agree to do anything, just hear what was on offer and it would be his decision. Des was great at talking through the mentoring program and at the end of our meeting, Greg was open to coming to one of the ‘meet the mentors’ nights. He hit it off with one of the mentors and it has made a huge difference.

Greg is always really keen to meet up with his mentor. They hang out, talk and are building a positive relationship. We are seeing the aggression fade, no more self harm and an improvement in schoolwork. The counseling service has been great too. Menslink has a great team and they really know how to connect with the boys and build on the positive.

Greg also got to go on the outward bound camp through Menslink last year.  It was so positive for him to be challenged and to succeed.  He came back glowing with self confidence and a renewed perspective on what is important and what he is capable of achieving.  I really believe it was a rite of passage on the way to manhood.

We aren’t through the woods yet, but we have a pathway and a supportive network guiding us. Despair and shame have been replaced by hope and love. And a whole lot of gratitude.”

If you feel you’d like to help out more young guys like Greg and his mum, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help fund our work, volunteering as a mentor yourself, or simply helping us spread the word….