ACT Veterans Rugby Club

Major Partner

ACT Veterans Rugby is proud to be  a new major sponsor of Menslink.

ACT Veterans have been playing rugby and donating to ACT charities for almost two decades and understand the importance of both the financial and moral support of organisations such as Menslink, in their efforts to support young men in our community.

ACT Veterans is the home of rugby for gentlemen over the age of 35 in the ACT and surrounding districts, all in the spirit of competitive but non-combative fun.

The  ACT Veterans are at any one time a  mixture of fathers and sons united in rugby and bound by a deep underlying philosophy of wanting to give back to the community, while at the same time providing an atmosphere of being there for each other and always up for a chat.

ACT Veterans see a strong synergy between the social work that Menslink undertakes in the community and the social forum that playing Veterans Rugby provides. Menslink embodies many of the aspects that ACT Veterans believes in and personifies  –  of mateship, friendship, camaraderie and watching out for your mates.

ACT Veterans have a proud tradition within the ACT community and looks forward to a long, productive and meaningful association with Menslink.

Menslink Great Walk 2023