Menslink News

Over 130 Menslink volunteers collecting at this weekend’s Multicultural Festival

Menslink is one of two official charity partners at this weekend’s National Multicultural Festival – the other being the UN Women’s National Committee.

Over 130 Menslink volunteers will be out in the crowds on Friday night and all day Saturday giving out free wristbands and Menslink-Banners---Multicultural-Festivalinformation cards and asking generous Festival goers for donations.

Our volunteers will be wearing the distinctive EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE blue and white tee shirts, because we believe everything is and should be possible – regardless of your skin colour, religion, cultural heritage, ethnic affiliations or parentage.

Why Menslink?

In both our counselling and mentoring programs, we deal with significant numbers of young men from Indigenous and multi-cultural backgrounds. Between 10 and 25% of all of our clients last year identified themselves as coming from Indigenous or multi-cultural backgrounds.

One young man came to see us last year as his anxiety and frustration levels started to boil over from his feelings of isolation and discrimination. He would lash out at people for perceived slights, which obviously made these feelings worse not better. Our counsellors worked with him intensively over a period of weeks and months to help him understand his behaviours and manage his emotions. The result? He now has a full time job, is connected in the broader community and no longer needs our services.

We train all our staff and volunteer mentors in cultural sensitivity and work hard to bring young men from all backgrounds into our community, where they can feel safe and valued; free from the harmful labels that they can sometimes encounter. We want these young men to develop into healthy and productive adults who can contribute to this great community we call Canberra.

Please donate generously to our volunteers and find out more about Menslink’s work

We want as many Canberrans as possible to find out more about Menslink by taking an info card and to donate some of their spare change to help us help more young Canberran men and their families. Their donations will help us make everything possible for young men and their families in Canberra and they keep our services free for those who need them most.

Come and see us at Stand F65 Ainslie Place (near the fountain and Malaysian Village)