Menslink Team and Board

Richard Wigley


Richard officially joined Menslink in 2015, after completing his graduate diploma placement with us in 2014. He has had wide life experience in a number of different areas including high school and university teaching, editing, tutoring in ESL and various roles within the horticulture industry.

Richard holds a Graduate Diploma in Community Counselling and an MA in English as well as teaching and horticulture qualifications. He sees his latest move into the field of counselling as a natural extension of his previous work in pastoral care within the ACT education system. Richard has the belief that there is potential within us all to find our ‘best self’ and he is passionate in his commitment to engaging with young men in order to help them realise that potential.

When not indulging his love of reading, Richard can be found cooking creatively, making or listening to music, contemplating the state of his garden, doing walks around his neighbourhood, and trawling the Internet in following his favourite English football team.