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Lyndon Storey

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Lyndon joined Menslink in 2019. In the course of his working life he has been a Barrister in Melbourne, a lecturer teaching “western civilization” at Liaoning University in China, worked with a mortgage brokerage firm in San Francisco, and been a public servant in Canberra.

Lyndon has a PhD from Sydney University with a thesis on classical Chinese philosophy and international relations theory. He sees philosophy and counselling as complementary paths to helping find fulfilment and meaning in life. After more recently working as a home respite care worker and community support worker he qualified in 2018 for a Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

Lyndon enjoys exploring life and is strongly committed to helping others find the best they can in life.

When not at Menslink, Lyndon can often be found running beside Lake Tuggeranong, enjoying time with his daughter, or just generally chasing rainbows.