Menslink Team and Board

Jordan Brown


Jordan Brown finished school in 2012, and after completing a year of law, realised it wasn’t for him. He moved over to CIT, got his Certificate in Community Services and Mental Health and realised that was somewhere he saw himself. He got accepted into Social Work at ACU and is loving every minute of it.

Jordan has been working for Menslink for a year in the Silence is Deadly program, and more recently in the mentoring program. He says it’s a joy to see young men reach their full potential, no matter their backgrounds or pasts.

When he’s not at uni or at work, you can generally find him monitoring and making tactically genius changes to his many fantasy teams and/or supporting his beloved GWS football club.

Jordan is very passionate about the work that Menslink does, in providing succinct and positive messages to the young men of our tomorrow!