Menslink Team and Board

Fiona Brammall


Fiona Brammall is our Office Manager. She does a wide range of things around the Menslink office, trying to make herself as useful as possible so that the other guys can concentrate on doing what they do best.

Having spent the last sixteen or so years bringing up her own children and becoming heavily involved in the local autism community, she has a real interest in the work that Menslink does to support young men. Back before children, she worked in customer service and administration roles as well as dabbling in social and market research. Her university studies focused on linguistics, anthropology and languages.

In her spare time she runs an online support group for families of people on the autism spectrum, where she hears a lot about the struggles that some of these boys and young men, face while growing up but she also sees how the right kinds of support can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Becoming part of an organisation like Menslink made her return to the workforce both easy and meaningful.