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Menslink Stories: Kaleb and Brandon’s Story

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Each year we get the chance to sit down with some of the guys that have been through our programs and hear their story.  This year we sat down with Kaleb and Brandon, 2 young guys from Canberra who have both been through the Menslink mentoring and counselling programs over the past few years.  They both have very powerful stories of how they turned their lives around and can both point at that ‘moment of change’ where Menslink helped them turn a corner in their lives.

We discovered midway through their interview that they both had the same mentor – years apart – and then we sat back and listened to the stories and laughs they shared when they realised their paths had already crossed without them even knowing it.

Hearing these stories first hand really brings what we do at Menslink to life.  We use the terms “What We Do Works” and ‘Everything is Possible”. These two young men are the living examples of that statement and we’re proud at Menslink to count them as part of our community.