I’m a young guy living in Canberra aged 10 – 25

You’re at this page cause you’ve probably heard of us from your parents, a teacher or a mate. You might have attended one of our sessions at school and thought you might give getting some help a go. Doesn’t matter how you got here.

Getting help is a good call. We all have hassles in life: parents, teachers, relationships, mates, money, drugs, booze….the list goes on….river_jump_03_small

We can help you with stuff. Sorting out your hassles. Getting tips on dealing with other people that might piss you off without the situation blowing up out of control. Handling bullies or the bust up of an important relationship.

For young teenage guys who just need some adults in their life to show them the ropes – who aren’t their parents or their teachers – our mentoring program might be the go. It’s free, we do fun stuff, you learn a bit about yourself and get some new mates. It’s open to guys aged 13-18. Check it out here.

For young guys and even older guys (to 25) who need some tips on how to deal with life’s hassles, counselling might be the go. It’s also free, it’s super confidential and it’s open to young guys from 10 right through to 25. We’re open most days and even do some evening appointments for blokes who work during business hours. Check it out here

Need more info? 

Check out our Silence is Deadly website for tips, website and other online resources about where to get help


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