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Happy New Year and a great testimonial from a Menslink mum


Happy New Year to all, we hope that you had a well deserved break and that you also took a moment to spare a thought for those who need it most.

We received some wonderful feedback from one of our mum’s over the break, following our summer camp which was held in early December.


“When going through traumas that are instigated by males, it’s been hard to keep my lads believing in the goodness of males. Being part of the Mentoring program has helped counteract this greatly. It helped my lads to see that not all men are horrid, and give them characteristics to want to grow into as they themselves become men.

My lads think the time has flown by as “time flies when you are having fun”. They have enjoyed talking “male stuff” with other males and allowing their testosterone to run free. When at home I put on my “dad hat” to allow that, so they don’t miss out, but its more authentic when done by actual males.

My lads have previously had bad social anxiety and I’ve noticed the more they participate in link ups, the less anxiety they suffer in all aspects of social interactions. They have enjoyed meeting lots of new people, and acknowledge it has helped eased their anxieties, if not overcome it in some aspects.

They have enjoyed the variety of activities both in the mentor meetups, and the linkups with the group as a whole. They think the getaways that occur are pure fun, joy, and laughter.

During their time in the Mentoring Bro’gram, they acknowledge how they have grown stronger in pushing themselves past their own limits.

They thoroughly enjoyed the camp and were inspired by the speeches given during it. They feel better people, better men/males, since being part of the Bro’gram, and for that I am grateful as they are incredible lads but when I say it, I’m not sure it fully sinks in as “mums are supposed to say nice things”.

I’ve noticed their confidence and self esteem grow stronger, their general happiness has increased, their peer relationships have improved, as have their relationships with family members (the brothers have grown closer and now have a stronger relationship), they take more responsibility for their actions, manage their emotions in a more mature way and realise they are actually stronger for allowing themselves to feel emotions (when previously been disassociated from them), their willingness to try new things has increased, and their general demeanour and attitude has improved.

I’ve noticed my youngest lad has strived harder to improve his grades at school since being part of the program.

I am forever grateful for this. Its one thing to go to psychologists, etc, but sometimes young males just need a hands on approach to life and guided by actions and witnessing of emotions in other males (like at camp speaker), for it to fully sink in.

I would recommend Menslink Bro’gram to any parent of traumatised/troubled teen and young adult males.

Thank you with every essence of my being Menslink.

One grateful and highly appreciative mother/father”

We love hearing that our programs are having such a positive impact on our young guys as well as their families.