COVID-19 Update

Menslink is continuing to support our community.

Menslink continues to support our community during the lock-down restrictions and as we move hopefully into a recovery phase.

All our staff and volunteers continue to work with young guys. While our counselling sessions are now conducted via phone and video, we're gradually transitioning back to face-to-face sessions here at Menslink. Give us a call and discuss how that will work for you, especially with our social distancing policies at the office.

Our mentors continue to do great work in taking their young guys out for walks, runs or bike rides, while discussing the important things in life. Over the next month or so we're getting Linkups going again and we're still planning mentor training and matching in June.

And our Silence is Deadly and PRIDE education sessions are now needed more than ever - we're contacting schools right now to book in sessions as and when they need them.

Unfortunately, we've had to cancel all our major events - the Big Night Out, Midweekers and our Family BBQ - until probably October. Our Business Breakfast is up in the air, but we're hoping it can continue, even if only with 100 guests!  Don't worry, despite the funding challenges this presents, we will continue to support all our young guys, their families, their schools and the community.

We’re doing the best we can to protect all our staff and clients. Take care everyone from all of us at Menslink - we'll get through this together


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