Annual Report 2016 - 2017

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In the last fifteen years, we have directly supported over two and a half thousand young men and their families get through tough or challenging times. We have also presented our key messages of support and hope for young men to over fifty thousand people and reached many more through radio, television and other media.

The 2016-17 financial year was another year of significant growth for Menslink, as we supported over a hundred more young men than in the previous year, while nearly doubling the number of students attending our Silence is Deadly mental health sessions. At the same time, we developed two new programs that extended our reach and support even further.

Extract from the CEO's Report
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This financial year, Menslink:

  • Increased the number of young men receiving counselling support by 35%, with a 25% increase in the number of counselling sessions provided;
  • Increased the number of young men in our mentoring program by nearly 18%, largely
    reflecting a higher retention rate (a key indicator of program quality);
  • Delivered nearly eighty Silence is Deadly presentations to 11,900 young men, a 79%
    increase in coverage from the previous year;
    Delivered our first Silence is Deadly presentation to a Primary School;
  • Developed a new group program for male high school students engaging in risky or antisocial
  • Extended our mentoring program to include a leadership element for graduate mentees
    who want to develop further life skills;
  • Welcomed over five hundred guests to our 2016 Business Breakfast to hear former
    Australian of the Year Rosie Batty talk about domestic and family violence;
  • Held our inaugural Big Night Out fundraiser with over 360 supporters getting together for a terrific night, raising nearly $120,000 for our programs; and
  • Continued to invest in our systems and training to improve quality, efficiency and outcomes for staff, volunteers and our young men.
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