Annual Report 2020-2021

Key highlights from 2020-21

Through 2021 the learnings of 2020 have ensured the resilience of our organisation at all levels. Key community and government partners have maintained support; the Menslink staff and volunteers have pivoted when required to maintain quality service and support; and the stability and strength of the board has provided a team effort we are very proud of.

Our 2021 Annual Report will unpack this chapter of Menslink, hearing from CEO, Martin Fisk, how service outcomes have been strengthened, and our dedicated Treasurer, Dion Cannell, providing informed commentary and advice regarding the resilient financial position the Menslink organisation has sustained.

2021 has been another rewarding year and we have again come through stronger and wiser, looking forward to the prospect of 2022 – Menslink 20 Years.

Michael Battenally – Board Chair

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maintained our capacity and delivered for the community

  • Delivered 107 Silence is Deadly mental health presentations to over 8,500 young boys and men, including primary schools – which was a significant increase from the previous financial year;
  • Assisted nearly 700 young boys and men on a journey of self-discovery in our PRIDE program, as they learnt about values, positive masculinity, relationships, and anger management;
  • Took two groups of young guys on our new Wilderness Experience – a three day device-free journey through the bush learning about themselves, country and challenge;
  • Finished the year with 79 mentoring relationships, slight decrease from previous financial year due to challenges with COVID;
  • Delivered 1,628 free counselling sessions to 633 young men; a reduced number from the previous financial year reflective of reduced staffing in the first half of the year;
  • Made further investments in a new CRM system to improve systems and processes across all systems; and
  • Developed and published our five-year Strategic Statement – outlining both our strategic direction to 2025 and the outcomes we seek to achieve.

feedback on our services

The work the presenter did with our boys was incredible. The simple advice along with sharing his own story so honestly had the room in awe. You could have heard a pin drop for 60 minutes. The boys appreciated the practical advice and many parents shared how their sons had talked about it at home. Highly recommend to any school in Canberra! – Primary School

Menslink has been an invaluable service that has provided me with the help I need that would be out of reach otherwise due to the financial cost of other mental health services. The word ‘life-changing’ has become an overused cliché, however the excellent support Menslink has provided me has positively changed my outlook on life. A huge thank you to the Menslink team – Young guy

I can’t recommend what these guys do for our young boys enough! Menslink were there for my son right when he needed them the most. He was grieving the loss of his father, looking for approval from the wrong influences and was really angry with everything and everyone. Menslink’s intervention helped guide him down a better path and take responsibility for his actions. I will be eternally grateful to them for what they have done for my son as I was at a real risk of losing him. Thank you! – Single mum

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