Annual Report 2019-20

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To paraphrase Charles Dickens, this financial year saw the best of times and the worst of times. It really was the Tale of Two Years.

In the first half of the year (July to December), we continued to innovate and expand our programs, while the community – including the immortal Jimmy Barnes – got behind Menslink and enabled us to start the 2020 calendar year with more than
$200,000 in unbudgeted income.

Then the bushfires and hail storm affected our staff and clients alike, with COVID arriving to bring uncertainty, cancellation of events, school closures and a massive turnaround of all our programs.

Our annual report highlights resilience throughout the year, as well as the very real impact our programs have on young men, their families, schools and the community. Here's what one mum had to say:

“I cannot thank Menslink enough for helping my son find his way out of trauma and fear, to become the confident and happy young man he is now. His mentor has not only helped my son with his confidence and self-esteem but has also helped him believe and trust in himself and his choices and views in life”

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Key highlights from 2019-20

Maintained our capacity and delivered for the community:

  • Delivered close to 80 Silence is Deadly mental health presentations to over 5,000 young boys and men, including primary schools - which was substantially down from the previous financial year due to COVID disruptions;
  • Took nearly 100 young boys and men on a journey of self-discovery in our PRIDE program, as they learnt about values, positive masculinity, relationships, and anger management over eight weeks;
  • Maintained the number of young men receiving positive role modelling and guidance in our mentoring program; with nearly ninety young men in the program;
  • Delivered nearly two thousand free counselling sessions to 662 young men; a consistent number from the previous financial year;
  • Invested in a new CRM system to improve systems and processes across all systems; to be fully implemented by 20-21 financial year; and
  • Converted current counselling rooms to video rooms, enabling remote presentations and/or support as required.

Welcomed new Board members:

  • Craig Allen, a well known ABC Canberra Journalist with extensive involvement in cross-cultural community groups has joined our Board for two years.

And farewelled retiring Board members:

  • We wish our retiring Board member Cathy Skippington all the best and thank her for her many years of service.
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