Annual Report 2018-19

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The 2018-19 financial year was one of double digit and in some cases triple digit growth in demand for our support from schools, parents and young guys themselves.

Luckily we were able to meet that demand, thanks to the ongoing support from the ACT Government, our business sponsors and donors who together lifted their funding for our free programs by 14%.

Our annual report highlights that growth, as well as the very real impact our programs have on young men, their families, schools and the community. Here's what one school youth worker had to say:

“We have a very challenging group of children at my High School that have some serious struggles going on at home. A lot of our students really lack a positive male role model in their lives and with this program really got the wheels in their heads turning in so many positive ways. It allowed them to see things like bullying and how we treat women from another perspective. Highly recommend this program.” 

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Key highlights from 2018-2019

Received the following external endorsements:

  • An independent study by the University of Canberra Centre for Applied Psychology study which found "impressive short-term benefits were not only maintained, but continued to improve during the follow up period"
  • Our first national award, for Significant Contribution to Improving Men’s Health and Well Being, from the Australian Men’s Health Forum
  • The 2018 ACT Mental Health Award for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention
  • The 2018 ACT Violence Prevention Award for Community Sector (co-winner with Everyman Australia)

Increased our capacity and delivered for the community:

  • Delivered over one hundred Silence is Deadly mental health presentations to over 10,000 young boys and men, including 35 primary schools - a 13% increase in student numbers over 2017-18;
  • Took nearly 200 young boys and men on a journey of self-discovery in our PRIDE program, as they learnt about values, positive masculinity, relationships and anger management over eight weeks; more than four times the number attending the previous year;
  • Increased the number of young men receiving positive role modelling and guidance in our mentoring program by 38%; with nearly ninety young men in the program at June 2019;
  • Delivered nearly two thousand free counselling sessions to 662 young men; an increase of approximately 20% on the previous year;
  • Significantly improved our referral and booking processes, with new online systems and processes leading to a three-times improvement in our counselling conversion rate (the number of referrals that result in a young guy attending a counselling session in the same month);
  • Together with the University of Canberra, developed standardised impact surveys to evaluate the personal and social improvements our programs have had on young men, such as relationships, anger management and anxiety; and
  • Continued to exercise cost restraint, with direct support (mentoring and counselling) unit costs falling by 1% to $1,255 and education programs falling between 28% (Silence is Deadly) and 79% (PRIDE).

Welcomed new Board members:

  • At our AGM in November, we welcomed three new Board members:
    • Justine Saunders APM, Deputy Commissioner Australian Border Force and former ACT Chief Police Officer;
    • Bruce Papps CA, CEO Northside Community Services, Treasurer ACTCOSS, former PWC Partner and former mentor; and
    • Daniel Oyston, marketing professional, former Director of Sponserv and mentor

And farewelled retiring Board members:

  • We wish our retiring Board members Kathleen O'Sullivan, Denis Sargent, Mark Whithear and Scott Winsor all the best and thank them for their years of service
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