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2016 Australian of the Year, David Morrison AO, becomes Menslink’s first Ambassador

Canberra charity Menslink earlier this month appointed former Army Chief and 2016 Australian of the Year David Morrison AO as their first Ambassador.

As keynote speaker at Menslink’s 2015 Business Breakfast, David spoke at length about how society needed to help young men (and women) reach their full potential, free from violence, discrimination and bullying. His vision, articulated that morning, was a society where men would “reach out for help instead of reaching out to hurt” – a vision Menslink has been trying to bring to fruition for young men since 2002.

On being approached by Menslink, David Morrison said that “I have been aware for some time, of the wonderful work that is done by Menslink to help guide men, particularly young men, through challenging periods of their lives. The emphasis given to seeking help when needed, treating others with respect and taking care of yourself really resonates for me.  I was delighted to be asked to be Menslink’s first Ambassador and I am very proud to fill that appointment.”

Michael Battenally, Menslink’s Chair and a secondary school principal, believes that as an advocate for young people, David Morrison’s support will strengthen the capacity of Menslink to perform its community duties. His quote from 2014, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”, resonates with how Menslink opens its support services to all young men in Canberra regardless of circumstance.

In 2016 Menslink has partnered with the Canberra Raiders to present the Silence is Deadly program to thousands of male high school, college and university students across Canberra with a powerful message for respectfully looking after self and others. Backed up by our free counselling and mentoring services, this program aims to deliver lasting change amongst young men today who will be the adult men of the future.

David Morrison has kindly agreed to speak at one of next year’s (2017) Midweeker series of talks and will be attending this year’s Menslink Business Breakfast in his capacity as Ambassador.