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In our line of work we often see the effect that relationship breakdown can have on the family unit.  A significant issue in many cases is the relationship between fathers and children.  In most cases children benefit from having a meaningful relationship with both parents.

At FGD we try to support community initiatives that help us do our work.  In our role as family lawyers, we can take care of the ‘legal’ side of the coin.  However, we can do our jobs better (and families manage the transition to being separated more effectively) when the parents are supported personally.  Even the most straightforward separation is enormously stressful and traumatic.  Where possible, we try to work collaboratively with support services and counsellors to help navigate separated families through reaching agreement about care arrangements for their children and property matters.

The role of Menslink is important in promoting positive masculine culture for young men, encouraging sustainable relationships and supporting men and families.  It is a great organisation that we wholly support.