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Counselling helps you move from “This is terrible! Why is it happening to me?!” to “It might be bad, but I can handle this…”


So how can it help me?

Sometimes guys need extra help if there’s something in their life they really want to change.

If you’ve got a bunch of hassles you’re uncomfortable with and need a hand sorting them out, then our counselling service might be the go. Maybe you’ve already had a go at fixing stuff yourself and just need some extra advice. Maybe you just need to talk to someone who’s not your teacher, your boss or your mum or dad. Our counsellors are approachable, friendly and able to talk to you about any issue that’s on your mind.

But what do you actually do?

Our counsellors are not about getting in your head and making you feel uncomfortable with lots of awkward questions. They’re not about judging you and they’re certainly not interested in telling you what to do.

What typically happens in a first session is that the counsellor will get to know as little or as much about you and your life problems as you want to explain. He will also work with you to ascertain what you want to achieve in the session. One visit may be enough to meet your needs, but you may also be offered further sessions, which you are free to take up or not as you wish.

Our counselling approach is to identify what is working for you in your life, and to identify your strengths and inner and outer resources. We help you access these so you can use them to influence those areas of your life where things aren’t working for you so well. We believe that change is always possible. To help you make the changes you want, we help you to work out what you really value in life and then to work out goals that are based on those values.

What can you help me with?

We realise that sometimes you just need a place you can come where you will be able to have a talk about what’s bugging you – somewhere you can get stuff out there without worrying about being judged and looked down on. We provide that.

But we also provide a secure and confidential option to solving problems that you just can’t quite shake off. Problems like:

  • Getting a job or the stress of learning a new job
  • Hassles with teachers or students at your school
  • Bullying
  • Your parents just not ‘getting it’
  • Loneliness
  • Money worries
  • Issues with alcohol and other drugs
  • Potential addictions like internet porn and gambling
  • Hassles with relationships – especially with family, mates or your loved one
  • Trying to stay away from crime or people involved with crime

Our belief is that you have what it takes to get through tough times. You might just need some tips on how to get through stuff. So we take a strengths-based (your strengths) and solutions-focused (real solutions and tips that you work through together with the counsellor) approach to work through issues. We want to help you find answers to the issues you identify and think are getting in the way of where you want to be in life.

All our services at Menslink are free. There are no fees or charges. They’re completely confidential and are available to any young bloke aged between the ages of twelve and twenty five.


We understand that cancellations are sometimes necessary. However should you cancel twice in a row we will ask for a $50 holding deposit to confirm another new appointment, which will be fully refunded on arrival. The deposit can be made via the Donate button on our website. We have to do this because people who cancel or don’t turn up are taking up a free slot that someone else in need could use. You will not pay a cent if you turn up!

To have one of our counsellors contact you, simply fill out an online referral form and we’ll get back to you within two business days.

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For more info, have a look at our case studies, or contact us.

If you’re not sure about the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist, here’s some handy info.

Other places that can help:

  • EveryMan Australia provides counselling for older men aged 18 and over  (02 6230 6999)
  • Headspace provides a range of counselling and other services for all young people (02 6201 5343)
  • Lifeline provides 24 hour crisis counselling to anyone in need (13 11 14)
  • Reach Out provides a great online information service for young people and their parents
  • Kids Helpline provides online info and 24 hour crisis counselling (phone, web and email) for young people to age 25 (1800 551 800)