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You don’t have to mentor a young man to help out a great cause. Women, men and young people of all ages are encouraged to become Menslink volunteers, assisting Menslink in a whole range of activities suited to them.

These include:

  • Fundraising – our volunteers come up with great ideas and see them through. Helping out with an event, rattling a bucket at a big game, markets or festivals, or even running your own event like a trivia night or show!
  • Helping with publicity through social or traditional media
  • Promoting us in your organisation or organising us to speak there
  • Supporting our Midweeker events or the Business Breakfast
  • Helping out with the office – anything from admin through to IT support

We believe support for young men can come from all members of the community – men and women alike. If you’ve got an idea or want to help us out, then get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you!


5 Menslink volunteers