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Menslink could not operate without the kind donations from community-minded organisations and individuals. These donations now make up nearly half of all our income and ensure we are able to provide the critical services we do. We rely on donations to:

  • Run special events like camps to get socially isolated young men engaged with our volunteers and other young guys
  • Provide better training and support for our volunteer mentors
  • Fund outreach counselling programs in schools to support young men who can’t access counselling in our offices at Holder
  • Run programs in schools to encourage young men to get help and develop positive behaviour and emotional intelligence

Menslink is a registered ACNC Charity All private donations over $2 are fully tax deductible, as Menslink is an endorsed charitable institution by the Australian Tax Office and a registered ACNC Charity. You can donate once only through the button above, or make a regular monthly contribution through the Hands Across Canberra portal below.


Did you know?

  • $100 can pay for a counselling session for a young man in crisis
  • $300 is enough money to send a young man to one of our annual camps with his mentor
  • $700 will train a volunteer mentor in how to guide a young guy through his teenage years
  • $1,000 pays for our travel costs to provide counselling for young men in a single school or in prison
  • $5,000 fully funds a young man in our mentoring program for a year, including all costs to recruit, train and match his mentor and provide monthly activities and camps for them.

We gratefully appreciate all donations, as every little bit helps. We are a low-cost provider of community services and use all donations wisely in the provision of much-needed services to young men in need. All the money we receive stays in Canberra, helping our local community.

Want to make a regular donation?

If you wanted to have a regular payment deducted from your credit card, please click the Hands Across Canberra icon and donate to Menslink:handsacrosscanberra



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