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Ongoing partners who provide significant financial and in-kind support that help keep our doors open, our team on the job and our programs running that help young guys in Canberra.

Menslink’s mentoring and counselling programs are an ACT Government funded initiative. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Community Services Directorate, who provide us with our primary funding to provide our valuable services to the community free of charge.

ACT Government logo

Menslink is also very grateful for the ongoing support from our principal partners, ACT Policing, Capital Chemist, Icon Water and the Snow Foundation. These organisations provide substantial levels of financial, advocacy and other support to Menslink and we would not be able to operate without them.

ACT Policing

Our partnership with Menslink acknowledges our long-term efforts in supporting men’s health and community-related issues.

We fully understand the need for positive male role models in young men’s lives. Investing in young men through constructive and positive interaction early in their young adult lives can serve as a circuit-breaker and set them on an alternate path, as valuable and contributing members of our community.

As police officers, we often witness first-hand the decision making of young men and the associated consequences, much of which is a result of their environment, and is often preventable.

Capital Chemist

As one of Canberra’s leading healthcare providers, Capital Chemist recognises the importance of a healthy community; not only physically, but in the areas of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, from the educational, crime and mental health statistics it seems that young men need a bit of extra support – and the mentoring and counselling that Menslink provides seems to fit the bill in many cases. We also recognise that Menslink is not just about supporting young men at risk – in fact there are very often very worried mums trying to care for these young men. they need our support too!

Menslink has a great track record of achieving results – a fact recognised by their support in the sporting community and even by the Prime Minister’s partner when he chose Menslink to be the charity partner for the PM’s XI cricket game in 2013.

Capital Chemist is proud to assist Menslink in their work supporting our young men and their families across the Canberra region.

Icon Water

Icon Water is proud to sponsor Menslink and to play a part in supporting, inspiring and guiding young men in the ACT and beyond.

Icon Water is responsible for the provision of water services for the ACT region.  We effectively own and operate the ACT’s network of dams, water treatment plants, sewerage treatment plants, reservoirs, water and sewerage pumping stations, mains and other related infrastructure. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering safe drinking water and reliable sewerage services to our community.

As an organisation of around 390 employees and with around 77% who are male, we see great synergies between Icon Water and the work that Menslink does across the community. Not only are we keen to find creative ways to boost the services that Menslink can offer directly to the community through our partnership, we see great potential links with how we can better support our workforce. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the many benefits that this increased sponsorship will provide the Canberra community.

Lennock Volkswagen

Lennock  Volkswagen is  a local family owned business, with a proud history of community support. For the over 50 years, our company has given back to our local community.

We also employ a lot of young men, and we believe that with the right mentoring and support, these young men have a better chance for a successful future.

Our support of Menslink, we know, will help young men in our region and improve the lives and wellbeing. Teamwork, support and achievement are common goals Lennock Volkswagen and Menslink will continue as our partnership blossoms.