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Multiple year partners who provide important financial and in-kind support that support our team and programs that help young guys in Canberra. Our major partners provide substantial contributions to Menslink to help us fund our major counselling, mentoring and Silence is Deadly programs.

Our major partners combine with our principal partners and our supporting partners to provide much needed funding, support and services for Menslink programs.


ACT Veterans Rugby Club

ACT Veterans Rugby is proud to be  a new major sponsor of Menslink.

ACT Veterans have been playing rugby and donating to ACT charities for almost two decades and understand the importance of both the financial and moral support of organisations such as Menslink, in their efforts to support young men in our community.

ACT Veterans is the home of rugby for gentlemen over the age of 35 in the ACT and surrounding districts, all in the spirit of competitive but non-combative fun.

The  ACT Veterans are at any one time a  mixture of fathers and sons united in rugby and bound by a deep underlying philosophy of wanting to give back to the community, while at the same time providing an atmosphere of being there for each other and always up for a chat.

ACT Veterans see a strong synergy between the social work that Menslink undertakes in the community and the social forum that playing Veterans Rugby provides. Menslink embodies many of the aspects that ACT Veterans believes in and personifies  –  of mateship, friendship, camaraderie and watching out for your mates.

ACT Veterans have a proud tradition within the ACT community and looks forward to a long, productive and meaningful association with Menslink.


Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank are very grateful for the services that Menslink provides to the local community. The mentoring of young men through tough times provides much needed support and the positive impacts have a great flow on effect and benefit the entire community. Bendigo Bank is happy to support local organisations like Menslink and have provided over $1.1 million in financial support to community minded organisations since 2002.

Canberra Raiders


The Canberra Raiders have supported Menslink for a number of years now and our players are often involved with Menslink events and their mentoring program.



Club Lime

Club Lime is Canberra’s preferred health club chain, garnering a loyal following and strong market position through delivery of a consistently high level of service and facility. Harry Konstantinou, Club Lime’s Founder and Managing Director, explains his support for Menslink this way:

“After attending a recent Menslink seminar I was personally astounded at the severity of issues directly affecting young men in Australia.  The statistics involving young men can’t be ignored and we all have to do our part to help reduce these statistics.

We know that regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp. It can also reduce your risk of depression and may help you sleep better. Research has shown that doing aerobic or a mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes can give you these mental health benefits. It was with this in mind that led Club Lime and Menslink to form a partnership”

DDCS Lawyers

DDCS Lawyers specialise in all aspects of Family Law, Wills, Estates and Business Succession. Established in 2007 by Partners Julie Dobinson, Phillip Davey, Lois Clifford and Di Simpson, the DDCS team has built an award winning reputation for providing the best legal advice and representation in Canberra. Our team includes six Family Law Accredited Specialists and Canberra’s only Wills and Estates Accredited Specialist.

We are pleased to support Menslink and the work they do in supporting young men and their families throughout the region.


As a company whose roots began in construction, GEOCON is aware of and concerned about the prevalence of men’s health issues in the industry.

One particular area of concern is mental health, with research showing that workers in the construction industry are at a high risk of experiencing some form of mental illness.

GEOCON General Manager – Construction, Damon Smith said that the company wanted to throw its support behind an organisation that supports young men who may need help getting through tough times.

“This is one of the reasons GEOCON is backing Menslink, a Canberra charity that provides mentoring and counselling to guys in the community and in local schools,” he said.

“We believe in the importance of supporting a local charity where the benefits will directly benefit local people, particularly one that might one day make a difference to the lives of our employees.”

“GEOCON is proud to partner with Menslink and hope we can help improve the lives of young men and their families throughout Canberra.”

Independent Property Group

Menslink provides a much needed support and mentoring program for young men in our community. Given the personal issues, mental health challenges and expectations in our society, Independent Property Group is pleased to support an organisation that makes a real difference to people we know in our families, our business and our networks as well as so many others in the local area.

Luton Properties

Luton are proud to support Menslink and the work they do for young men in the community, particularly in the area of suicide prevention.

In 2016 Menslink was one of three charities we supported at the Luton Charity Ball, in recognition of the great work they do across Canberra

McDonalds ACT and Queanbeyan

McDonalds recognizes that men suffer from depression; that men get lonely; and that men have tough times too! We also recognize that men often have a harder time “opening up” and/or asking for help.

We want all our males of every generation; this generation, the next generation, and every generation to come; to first know that it’s ok; that opening up and/or asking for help does NOT make you less of a man, it actually makes you MORE of a man!!

Menslink support our young men and help change the thinking of society now; so that future generations of men get raised in a society where having a problem is ok, and asking for help is fantastic!! Then why wouldn’t we want to support Menslink? Why would we not want to help and support them in making brighter futures for our men of today; tomorrow and every day? It just makes sense to support Menslink!


Much More Than Money

“I have been incredibly lucky to have great mentors throughout my life, in particular men who have been there to ask me the right questions and provide me with the tools to make the best decisions I can and not judge me when I’ve made the wrong ones. Menslink provides that avenue for blokes who haven’t had too many of those people in their life – for me those relationships can be the difference between having it all or having nothing”. – Arran Curll, Adviser/Director of Much

Proximity Legal

Proximity is a leading provider of onsite legal, procurement and work health and safety services to the government sector.

Proximity has a strong history of providing pro bono legal services to disadvantaged individuals and organisations that assist those individuals. Our team really enjoys providing assistance to Menslink and playing a small role in helping Menslink to provide vital support to young men.


PwC is passionate about helping organisations and individuals create value. PwC actively supports, shares expertise and collaborates with leading local and international organisations to help shape agendas and find solutions to our national and global challenges. Through these partnerships we work to improve understanding and drive change around specific industry challenges and market issues, ultimately benefitting individuals, investors, communities and the environment. PwC in Canberra has over 200 professionals providing services in assurance, consulting and private clients.

We are passionate about working with and supporting community groups like Menslink that have a direct and positive impact on our community


Snow Foundation

The success of the “Silence is Deadly” program during 2013 was one of the reasons the Snow Foundation had no hesitation in ensuring Menslink continue the program. The organisation, headed up by their passionate CEO Martin Fisk is an ideal fit for us as it sits within two of our focus areas of Education and Life Skills and Health and Disability. The program focuses on adolescent mental health and family issues and when these concerns are successfully addressed leads to long term positive changes to a young man’s life. The volunteer mentors and counselling services offered by Menslink are an integral part of the success story of Menslink and the Snow Foundation are delighted to be supporting all aspects of the organisation.

Southern Plumbing

Southern Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd is the largest independent supplier of plumbing, bathroom, kitchen and laundry products in the ACT, southern NSW, the Riverina and north east Victoria. It’s a privately owned, family company that’s been operating for 40 years. We use the name Southern Plumbing Plus for our plumbing sales and Southern Innovations for our retail sales to builders and retail customers.

Why do we support Menslink? Because we work in an industry where we come into daily contact with a large number of young men, as plumbing and other apprentices in the building industry. We’ve also employed hundreds of young men over the years, many of whom had no idea where they were heading when they left school. They simply had “fallen through the cracks”. They couldn’t make it to university. They didn’t want to be tradespeople. Most of them hadn’t made it to the final year of high school. And some came from troubled backgrounds. We’ve lost two ex-staff members to suicide in the last twenty years, and the loss deeply impacted our staff and organisation. We’re confident that had Menslink been operating then, and had contact with those two people at a time when they were floundering, then they would be enjoying very productive lives today.

Quite often, all young people need is inspiration and to be shown the right path in life. They may have endured patterns of behaviour in the home which are abnormal. They may have underlying mental and social problems.

Menslink is the diversion on the road. It points young men in the right direction, away from abuse, insecurity and depression. We think what Menslink do is truly wonderful and we fully support the services they provide.



Threesides Marketing

Threesides Marketing supports Menslink for many reasons.  Here’s our top reasons that helped us put some ticks in the boxes when we asked ourselves why we should get invovled:

  1. Threesides is a business that was started by two young guys from Canberra (Todd and Clint) – Menslink supports young guys in Canberra just like we were not so long ago (Tick)
  2. We heard about Menslink through our local café Trev’s – Trevor McGrath was a menslink mentor and we like what he does (Tick)
  3. We got involved in developing the Silence is Deadly program with the Raiders – turns out they are really good guys and had a lot to give back (Tick)
  4. Todd (one of our directors) put his money where his mouth is and signed up as a mentor – met a great young guy and started seeing the real impact of the program (Tick)
  5. Menslink actually has programs on the ground that directly support young guys in Canberra – they don’t just push paper around and talk about it all day (Tick)
  6. The team at Menslink are really good people who we like dealing with – we like them as people and as community partners (Tick)
  7. They are a ‘Canberra only’ not for profit and any help we provide stays in Canberra and helps Canberrans.  The big picture is important but we need to provide help on our own doorstep and Menslink achieves this  (Big tick)

Menslink help young guys who need help, guys in need, guys in trouble, guys up to their neck in life at an early age – How could we not help?? Our business provides us with the opportunity to help Menslink further the reach, share the message and extend the opportunities they have to get more mentors, support more young guys and find valuable corporate partners like ourselves and get them involved.

For us – Menslink tick all the right boxes when it comes to supporting a local not for profit that makes differences to peoples lives in Canberra.  It has made a difference to ours.


WIN Television

The WIN Network is pleased to support Menslink in their mission to provide positive and constructive youth mentoring services.