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Menslink Midweekers are free events held every four weeks at Gryphons Caffe and Bar on a Wednesday evening. They’re open to men, women and young people – anyone who is interested in issues affecting young men in our community.

Every Midweeker features a well known Canberran man talking about his life’s journey and the challenges he has overcome to be where he is today. Speakers have included politicians, sportsmen, businessmen and other famous people.

Brumbies great Clyde Rathbone (pictured) talked about overcoming depression, as did Liberal MLA Andrew Wall. Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury talked about growing up without a dad on the south coast and how important mentoring is for young men, while Federal Labor MP Andrew Leigh talked about the influence his mentor, High Court judge Michael Kirby, had on his life and the immense sorrow he experienced when a good mate killed himself at a young age.

Clyde and Menslink stand #2
These events are a great way to hear inspiring stories from Canberran leaders, learn a bit about Menslink and the great work we do, while meeting old friends and new in a friendly setting. Come and have a coffee, a drink or a meal while you listen to the speakers.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support of the Canberra Raiders at the Midweekers – players sometimes come along to the events and we regularly give away home game tickets in our business card draw.


For more information about upcoming Midweeker events, check out our Events page. There is no need to RSVP for a Midweeker – just turn up on the day. Speeches generally kick off at around 5:45pm and last for around twenty minutes or so.